Permusoft Privacy Policy

This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices of PermuSoft Corporation ("Permusoft").

September 14, 2018


"Apps and Services" refer individually or collectively to Permusoft's Big Red One, Big Red One LITE, MyBonds, Ethercache®, any services related thereto, and to Permusoft's PSAnalytics data analytics service.

What data does Permusoft collect?

Permusoft may collect technical data relating to the use or provision of its Apps and Services. This data may include IP Address or any "Advertising Identifiers". Permusoft does not automatically collect any Personally Identifiable Information, however through the use of Permusoft Apps or Services you might provide Personally Identifiable Information. Permusoft takes reasonable measures to protect all data, including any Peronsally Identifiable Information, collected through the use of Permusoft Apps and Services.

Permusoft does not collect any financial records through its Apps or Services.

Information Collection, Use, and Sharing

Unless otherwise agreed to by licensing or other agreement, Permusoft retains all rights and ownsership in all data submitted to Permusoft via the use of it Apps and Services.

What is the data used for?

Permusoft uses data collected through the use of its Apps and Services to provide Permusoft Apps and Services to Permusoft customers. Permusoft may sell data to third parties, provided that that data is stripped of Personally Identifiable Information.


You may cease at any time to use Apps and Services provided by Permusoft, or any other apps or services which make use of Permusoft Apps or Services. You may also contact us at

IP Address

Permusoft uses IP addresses to derive or verify the geolocation of a user, to provide other Permusoft Services, and/or to protect the its Apps and Services and provide security to our customers.


We take reasonable precautions to protect data collected by Permusoft Apps and Services.


Permusoft may update this Privacy Policy at any time with ro without direct notice to its customers. Such updates, and a full history of such updates, will be presented here at


You may contact us by email at